A New Beginning

Photo Credit: Tara Nelson

A New Beginning

Doing a Little Spring Cleaning

I have been increasingly frustrated with the amount of crap I get daily in my spam filter. Wordpress is ripe with ways for spammers to weasle in and wreak havoc with comments, contact forms, etc. Granted, thats not a reason to ditch an entire site but in all honesty, Wordpress was overkill for my purposes. I was introduced to Jekyll via one of the uber-geeks at Case Inc. After reading about it, I was excited but I was still on my windows based laptop so using a Ruby based framwork just seemed too clumbsy and unstable to attempt.

Over the last few months, I have been migrating back over to OSX and relying heavily on my trusty little mac-mini. I have to admit, it has really made me remember why I loved being on a mac. Why i ever bought a windows based laptop last time.. will remain a mystey. One nice bonus of my migration is the ability to switch this site over to Jekyll and really embrace the Markdown syntax.

So here I am again, after 2 years of no updates, I have nothing fun to share yet. But Welcome to the site! Hope you stick around.


Building Up this site