Matthew Nelson

Photo Credit: Tara Nelson

Matthew Nelson

About Me

If you look around the web with the intent about finding some information about me, you will often find information about Nelson – the band – sigh. Yes, I share the same name as the epic band by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson. No, I don’t sing and I will not perform a gig for you.

However, what you have come across is an extremely passionate technoligest that specializes in Building Information Modeling (BIM). I have worked for large full-service AEC firms and have been privledge to be a part of some amazing projects. If you want to see some of my experiences, Please check out some of the links below:

Its no secret that I am a geek. I am a huge fan of Autodesk Revit and find interesting ways to extend its performance and platform. You may see a lot of that in my twitter feed @mattbenimble and if you ever want to know more, please do not hesitate to ask. I believe that in order to move the industry forward, we should all share tips/tricks/techniques/jokes and provide a shoulder to cry on.

Don’t peg me as a ‘Revit’ guy though. I am always searching for the next solution and ultimately a fully interoperable solution for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners that is sustainable and easy to use for every stakeholder. (Yup. I am a dreamer.) To do so I search the web daily for new technologies that may not even be intended for the AECO industry but can be extended to help. A prime example of that is my obsession with Tiny Speck’s Slack platform.

I am now (as of July 2014) part of the team @ CASE Inc.. These guys are seriously smart and supporting the AECO industry in amazing ways. IF you don’t know them, go to the site and check them out.